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fun. bubbly. sweet. open minded. that's a few things that I've been known for. I love to laugh and try new things and create new memories with you in the process. 

I'm a petite 4'11 Asian girl with tattoos who enjoys working out with weights, cooking, dancing, travelling, music, books, software development, other creative outlets and will sing to my hearts' content as long as the bathroom door is closed. 

I am currently based out of East York, Toronto ON. I am most comfortable in workout wear but I also love dressing up for a night out on the town. 

Things I'd love to explore with you are amazing food spots like Miku, Ja Bistro, Gusto 101 and Buca. Or if you're looking to stay active or discover new things, anything sporty like squash or skating or cool experiences like cooking classes are completely up my alley. I'm willing to try anything at least once and it's so much fun to cuddle and chat about it after.   

Gifts are not necessary as your time is gift enough! But if you insist, options are listed here

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