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facts, questions, answers

q. what do I need to get started

a. fill out the booking form and be ready to send me a clear picture of your ID with all information showing - drivers' license or government issued photo ID and a deposit - 25% of the quote when I respond to your inquiry. 

q. what happens to the deposit if I cancel a booking? 

a. deposits are non-refundable and are put towards administrative time and effort required to review a booking request.

q. what forms can I send a deposit in?

a. i accept gift cards, e-transfer or paypal (

q. how much time do I have to secure my requested slot with a deposit

a. 24 hours after the inquiry. After that time has elapsed, the requested slot will be released to other booking requests. 

q. how much notice is required to book

a. 24 hours for local, 4 weeks for FM2U bookings. 

q. are there any additional fees for outcall appts

a. yes, 50$ on top of the package price within Toronto or 100$ outside of Toronto up to Mississauga, Markham/Vaughn, Pickering and Buffalo. This pays for gas/Uber to get to you. For distances greater than the specified boundary contact me for more detail. 

q. are you available after midnight?

a. I prefer all appointments to start before 10PM as I do need my beauty sleep. Appointments made after that time will incur an additional 50$ fee. 

* exception: FM2U and 12/24Hr booking exempt from this fee

q. where do you travel to? 
a. with 3 months advance notice anywhere in Canada/USA.

q. what does the packages include

a. my time and an experience. Packages 3+ hrs will require social time.

q. what do I need to provide for the flyMe2U package

a. hotel, meals and transportation (flight/Uber) on top of the package pricing

q. what if I'm not comfortable providing ID

a. unfortunately, government issued photo ID with all details visible is required for screening

q. do you offer strictly social calls?

a. yes, 200$/hr for a minimum of 2 hrs plus $50 travel fee for destinations inside Toronto, $100 for calls located outside of Toronto. 

q. do you entertain couples? 

a. yes. additional 100$/hr on top of package rate with a minimum of 1.5 hr booking. ID is required from both participants  

q. do you do duos?

a. yes, rate matching for the highest package rate for duos. If you are located outside of Toronto, it is up to you to find a provider who is open to joining us; if you are located in Toronto, please select from my duos page or inquire about other ladies.

q. what's included in a virtual date? 

a. a drink together, an option to suggest an outfit and of course fun conversing! We can even cook together! 

q. what's the minimum for a virtual date? 

a. 2 hrs, although I find that more time equals more fun

other facts

  •  you may cancel our date up to 24 hours prior if our date is located in Ontario without penalty

  • you may cancel our date up to 2 weeks prior if we are meeting during my travels without penalty

  • cancellation fee is 50% of the original quote

  • cancellation fee is required to be sent up to 2 days past notification

  • if an overnight stay is requested, please notify 2 weeks in advance 

  • wishlists and preferred gift cards are listed here

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