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Ballpits, giggles and new friends

I came, I saw, I conquered.

I came with an open mind. I knew that Chicago was pretty and full of amazing people. This was also my second convention but I had a different mindset from my first one in Toronto back in Dec to this one. I had just started back then and I had no idea what I was doing, what to say and it made me very self conscious.

A chance run in with a seasoned model at one of the city's hot spots, some chats with some wonderful ladies at Toronto's Taboo con and a bit of extra practice meant that I grew into my own personality and was able to slowly start finding some supporters and some online friends.

I had so much fun at the convention! I met new friends - @petitefrenchfryxx and @angeliquesage were so sweet and helpful with how to manage shows at the con and still respect convention rules; I played in ball pits and won a little mascot, of course I came home with some swag and some great memories.

Thanks Chicago!! I will be back one day!

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