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It's Sexy, It's Canadian, and It's Me!

I've spent the last several months chasing Exxxotica all over the States. And I had a blast - from Chicago, to Miami, and then finally New Jersey. I met the best ladies, I drank a lot, partied and also met up with a few wonderful people.

However. With the wrap up of New Jersey and Exxxotica for 2019, Taboo started coming through! Starting with Calgary Nov 1, moving through to Edmonton and now landing in Toronto for Nov 29-Dec 1... come see how Canadians get down and sexy!

The butt hasn't changed but I've added a few more tattoos and lopped off the hair to a sassy length since this photo was taken. I'll be broadcasting out of MFC's beautiful booth and giving away a lil' something Saturday and Sunday and some limited hours on Friday!


International Centre, Hall 2

6900 Airport Rd Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8 

Show Schedule

Fri (Nov 29) : 5:00 - Midnight

Sat (Nov 30) : Noon - Midnight

Sun (Dec 1) : Noon - 6PM

Appearances **subject to change

Fri (Nov 29) : 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Sat (Nov 30) : Noon - Midnight

Sun (Dec 1) : Noon - 6PM

See you soon!

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