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Kisses, Kisses and More Kisses in Canada...

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Taboo was one whirlwind show with a ton of snow and a few more familiar vendors in tow! We had two interesting incidents happen, I made friends with a few more ladies, and hosted two familiar faces from Jersey.

Apparently the theme of this show was kissing, as you can see I locked lips with more than a few ladies at the booth! @isabellebabe92, @foxthegoddess, @vixenvu and many more that I don't recall at the moment. So much fun!!! And met up with a few fans who stopped by to say hello which is always my favorite part.

Oasis had an "activities" tent that I did not partake in, but I was able to visit with Jason and meet @catchfatima who runs all the different events there.

Dreambelts was back in force with their signature high-end leather belts, harnesses and wings!! I loved wearing their stuff once again and their owner is beautiful, talented and a genius. I was wearing both their black and gold wings on the floor alongside a pair of white leather wings that I absolutely loved. They also collaborated with myself, @foxTheGoddess and @jayscreativeimage for an incredibly sizzling shoot!

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by, collected a hug and a mini-gift, chatted with me and braved the insane snowstorm that was Sunday. As always it was a blast - see, us Canadians can bring a bit of heat as well!

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