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Fully Vaxxed, never waxxed

I'm too chicken to have hot wax meet my nether parts. I'll stick to shaving, thanks.

However, I did have the guts to get vaccinated twice with a mix of Astrazenica and Pfizer. Depending on which local expert you turn to, this is either a really good idea, or a bad idea. If you ask me, I haven't grown a unicorn horn or a third arm (which I was secretly hoping for) and thus, feel perfectly human. As for new tracking devices, I am Generation Cannot Be Separated From My Phone and thus, have been trackable since I acquired my first mobile phone.

This also means that I am able to reopen to see new clients! I'm excited to be able to meet all of you who have waited so patiently.

This also means a slight change to my COVID-19 procedures. If you are able to provide proof of vaccination which shows you have received both shots, I will no longer need you to fill out my COVID-19 questionnaire. While we are protected against COVID-19 by being vaccinated, this does not stop us from unknowingly passing it on to someone who is not protected. You can send this proof via email.

I understand that we all have different opinions concerning the subject of vaccinations, COVID-19 and how our government(s) are handling the matter. Please leave these topics at the door so we can have a fun, upbeat and memorable experience. I look forward to many fun adventures to come!

Xo, Serena.

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