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Travelling again...

... I recently got a chance to travel to Miami in June, and again to Orlando this month. The changes kept coming and the amount of paperwork I brought to the airport got larger and larger. They asked for my vaccine receipts, an attestation form, and a negative antigen test.

To enter the USA: attestation form, anti-gen test, and both vaccine receipts.

To enter Canada: PCR test, both vaccine receipts, and your ArriveCan receipt (ArriveCan is an app that you can download to your phone).

At Miami airport, I encountered my first rapid-PCR test. Communitel and Family Rehab at Miami MIA offers antigen, PCR and rapid-PCR testing. It's located at Concourse E Ground Level, across from Door 11 outside of the airport. From walking in to acquiring test results from my rapid PCR test it was a total of 1.5 hours. Test results for a typical PCR test are often 12 hours turnaround, but a rapid PCR is a 40 minute turn around. You can book an appointment, but walk-in here is just fine. At Orlando airport, I mistakenly thought that I could walk in, get my results, and walk out in an hour and a half. Instead, I stood in line for 6 hours and missed my flight home, something I have never done in all my 20+ years of flying. I should have booked an appointment. With the help of Aeroplan points, a kindhearted gentleman and perhaps one too many glasses of wine I stayed an extra night and rebooked for the following day.

AdventHealth at Orlando MCO offers rapid-result antigen and rapid-PCR testing. This one was a little harder to find, located in the West Hall opposite the security checkpoint for gates 1-59.

I also found that locating antigen testing in Toronto was difficult. In the end, I opted to book an appointment with Switch Health. While you can get PCR testing which would be valid to enter the USA, an antigen test costs 65.00$ CAD, while a PCR test costs 200$ CAD and up. It was so quick and easy that I would do it again. Switch Health offers antigen, PCR and rapid-PCR testing. It's located in the Value Park Garage / Viscount on the inter-airport-train system. There is no parking at Viscount, but you can park at Terminal 1 or 3 and train over, or book a drive-through appointment. Results are sent to you via your Switch Health account, so ensure you have signed up for an account there prior to arrival.

Testing entertainments aside, I had a wonderful time in Miami relaxing by the pool and Orlando visiting Megacon and Seaworld. I finally checked off petting a dolphin on my bucket list and I doubled my stuffies collection.

Stay tuned for an informational page being added to my site where I list all the links mentioned here for COVID-19 testing at the airports I encounter as I travel once again. Be safe, healthy and keep smiling! Xo, Serena.

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