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I have finally found summer at last!!

Hot hot hot. That was my first impression after getting off the plane and leaving the airport to head to our hotel on South Beach. It has been cooler weather this summer where I live and I was beyond thrilled to finally find the heat.

This time around, I chose to also make time to attend the model meetups. Boy had I missed out in Chicago; I met so many fun and beautiful ladies that became my friends throughout the convention.

Of course my favorite lady @angeliquesage showed up! I was so excited to see her! Administering spanks of course to a Malibu Strings clad bottom. My girl gang @anitasativa, @foxthegoddess, @mibeccap (not in this photo) @elirose and @summerrrainsxxx which made my vacation so memorable!

And then of all things, I ran into the one and only feisty Evan Stone!! Boy was he fun and ever handsy, but more importantly that guy is a legend amongst our industry.

This trip would not be complete without some days out at the beach getting my tan on! It was so nice to hang out, relax, enjoy the rays, realize that the sun is indeed that strong in Miami - sporting some tan lines and some mild sunburn. But I got in a nap or two, played in the water, got a few pictures taken and of course had some delicious food.

Adding another destination to my list of where I have been and loved it so much I will come back one day! If nothing else - this beach will be calling my name until I come back again.

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