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Pandemic 2020 and Availability

Updated: May 25, 2020

It has been a crazy set of months for all of us. Emotionally, mentally, and otherwise. I've had good days and bad days, and have struggled to come to terms with a lot of changes. The toughest one was not being able to spend time with friends and family or travel to my heart's desire like I normally do. I threw myself into Crossfit and mobility classes. Instead of attending my Toronto classes Monday-Friday and then a leisurely drive to my other gym up in Markham on the weekend to giggle, laugh and sweat with my friends, my living room turned into a minature gym. And I took up running once again.

Throughout it all, I attempted to stay positive. And most days I succeeded. I knew that this was going to have an end, and it was going to change life in a big way. I took the time to focus on what made me happier, healthier and more centered, and let go what didn't work.

I will be available again June 1, 2020 subject to screening. I will require you to fill out a quick questionnaire before each appointment. Due to safety and cleanliness requirements post COVID-19, I am able to enjoy takeout and drinks with you at my incall, or an outcall to an approved hotel. To all of my supporters who have participated in my Virtual GFE experience, supported me on my creative OF channel or porch-dropped goodies for me (Kitkats, chocolate and flour in particular!) thank you so much. Words cannot express how much they have helped me stay afloat in this challenging time. Stay safe, healthy, and I look forward to seeing you soon. Much love!

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