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Deeeeeeep Dish Bliss

Chicago is known for it's deep dish pizza, and I had to check this out. I love cheese. I love pizza. So when someone told me there was a pizza out there with at least an inch of cheese filling I went in search of it - by following my nose.

A friend and I wound up at Giordano's on Navy Pier after wandering our way through the pier taking photos. She was my model and I was playing at being photographer - often I'm the one in front of the lens. And we were thus informed, it's not a pizza, it's a pie.

First the server cut into it, and the cheese inside wound up stringy and steamy all over the serving plate and the knife. Then I bit into it, pulled away and omg. Talk about bliss. The taste was amazing. There is nothing like a massive chunk of cheese with crispy crust and ooey gooey cheese just melting in your mouth. And for those "health conscious" we picked one that had mushrooms and peppers baked into the cheese.

It was such a charming place to eat out doors on the pier, the staff was friendly, and we got seated inside 20 minutes. But be warned, if you want to sit inside in cooler weather, you may be looking at up to an hour's wait.

Giordano's Pizza (Navy Pier)

addr: 700 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

ph: 1 312-288-8783

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